The Landscape

Turkana is in the northwest region of Kenya – a 1,700-million-acre desert. Roughly 500,000 strong, the Turkana are one of the last truly nomadic peoples of Africa. Their land is harsh. Gazing over these desert plains, it is difficult to imagine how anyone could survive. The Turkana still live much as their ancestors did, dependent on their animals and one another. Until the 1980s, the Turkana were very resistant to outsiders, and so had not heard the name of Christ. Within the last two decades, a change can be seen among the Turkana … the Gospel is taking hold.

However, severe drought over the last decade has left these people in great need of water and food. Their herds of animals are smaller, their resources very limited. Poverty instead of independence is now a way of life. Each family has difficulty in feeding their children. Sending them to school is nearly impossible. The Ark Ministries child sponsorship program provides opportunities for Turkana children to receive an education and food while in school. Their families get to know more of the love and goodness of God in practical ways.

10. Borehole Pump

The team is trying to improve the hand dug shallows wells by installing solar pumps for the easy pumping of water to the communities. Using water solar pumps is very easy and fuel free. The sun in Turkana is hot every time and that gives the area the opportunity of using solar panels for their daily use.

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